As a wise sage once told me . . .

"Tea is not just a product, it is a practice"


International Authority on Tea

Pleasure is far too serious to take lightly. If you find this truth self-evident, you are one of those for whom the world's fine teas are intended.


James Norwood Pratt is quite possibly the world’s most widely read authority on tea and tea lore. thanks to books translated into multiple languages and numerous articles, columns, videos and print and TV interviews in US and overseas media. Since the first edition of his classic Tea Lover’s Treasury appeared in 1982 he has been an inspiring presence on the international tea scene. He has served as Honorary Director of America’s first traditional Chinese tea house and International Juror at India’s first Golden Leaf tea competition. He is the author of James Norwood Pratt’s Tea Dictionary, the worldwide tea trade’s standard reference work, and is America’s acknowledged Tea Sage.

Elected “Best Tea Educator” four successive years, JNP was recipient of the John Harney Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 World Tea Expo. A native son of North Carolina, he lives with his wife Valerie Turner Pratt in San Francisco.


devan shah tea festival

Pasadena Convention Center

Pasadena, CA

December 2 – 4, 2017


Location TBD

Kansas City, MO

Autumn 2018

northwest tea festival

Location TBD

Seattle, WA

Autumn 2018

A Force for Excellence

[Mr. Pratt] is the Honorary Director of America's first traditional Chinese tea house[,] . . . a force for excellence as educator and authority on tea and tea lore[, . . . and] is quite possibly the world's most widely-read authority on tea and tea lore.

- World Tea Expo

The Renaissance Man of Tea

Parts historian, connoisseur, and world-traveler . . . he has carved out a reputation as the consummate spokesman for US tea consumers. His wit and dedication to the beverage have helped spread the gospel of tea to tens of thousands of people.

- Michelle Williams, Fresh Cup Magazine

Learning Meets Pure Love

Norwood Pratt's book about tea is written so deftly, in its heady combination of learning and pure love, that its pages will cheer us long after what's in the cup is cold and stale.

- M.F.K. Fisher on Tea Lover's Treasury